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Product NameItem No. 
Solar Module 4.5Watt, 250mA & 18Volt934 SM250-12V
Solar Module 4.5Watt, 500mA & 18Volt934 SM500-6V
Solar Module 5.4Watt, 300mA & 18Volt935 SM300-12V(2 WAY)
Solar Module 5.4Watt, 300mA & 18Volt936 SM300-12V
Solar Module 5.4Watt, 600mA & 9Volt936 SM600-6V
Solar Module 6.3Watt, 350mA & 18Volt937 SM350-12V
Solar Module 6.3Watt, 700mA & 9Volt937 SM700-6V
Solar Module 7.2Watt, 400mA & 18Volt938 SM400-12V
Solar Module 7.2Watt, 800mA & 9Volt938 SM800-6V
SOLAR MODULE 9Watt, 500mA & 18Volt939 SM500-12V
Solar Module 9Watt, 1000mA & 9Volt939 SM1000-6V
Solar Module 12.6Watt, 700mA & 18Volt940 SM700-12V
Educational and Toy ModuleETMP 0.5V
Educational and Toy ModuleETMP 1V
Educational and Toy ModuleETMP 1.5V
Educational and Toy ModuleETMP 2V
Educational and Toy ModuleETMP 3V
Solar Toy & Educational ModulesSP211-130-4.5V
Solar Toy & Educational ModulesSP212-130-6V
Solar Toy & Educational ModulesSP212-280-3V
Solar Toy & Educational ModulesSP213-130-7.5V
Solar Toy & Educational ModulesSP214-130-9V
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