Item No.: 684N-SP70-12V
 Product Name: Solar Module 1.25 Watt, 70mA and 18 Volt

  For 6V or 12V rechargeable battery and uses
  • Power: 1.25W, 18V and 70mA
  • Current (Max) Isc: 70mA
  • Voltage Voc : 18V
  • Size: 159x175x17mm
  • Lightweight of 0.365kg
    • With built-in blocking diode to prevent reverse flow of electricity
    • Maintenance-free solar power gives years of use at no cost
    • Stand and wire with clips are provided for charging batteries
    • Ideal for use in marine yacht, sailing boat and other outdoor activities
    • Daytime charge and energy is stored for night-time use
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