Item No.: 710New
 Product Name: Solar All Purpose Water Proof Rechargeable Lantern

  • Waterproof light/torch
  • Free bonus with additional new and improved functions at no extra cost
  • New design with detachable rechargeable battery and can be used as a battery charger
  • New design with spare lamp compartment for storing extra 2pcs of spare lamps for emergency and immediate necessity
  • Rechargeable with solar power, daytime charging for night time use
  • Or, by using normal type AA battery when sunlight is not available
  • The handy lantern is equipped with a nylon belt for easy carrying
  • Blinking light and searching light to work at the same time
  • All-weather-resistant and water-resistant
  • The whole torch can float on the water
  • All screws are stainless steel, for all weather purpose
  • Ideal for diving and as a swimming light, it can float on water surface when lost in water
  • As a handy portable torch to find something lost in the dark
  • Small and compact with dimensions 76 x 180 x 76mm
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