Item No.: 835
 Product Name: Solar Anti-Mosquito Guard

  • Power: Built-in (1.2V) rechargeable battery
  • Batteryless, powered by the inexhaustible solar energy
  • Easy to use; easy to carry around; combined with high-quality key ring
  • No smell and causes no harm to human beings, pets and animals
  • Once charged, this unique device can protect you against mosquitoes attack by emitting specially calibrated ultra-sonic high frequency sound
  • Best and reliable companion for camping, hunting, fishing, farming sleeping, live-stock farming, working at night, etc.
  • It can repel most mosquito away effectively within a distance of 5 meters
  • Dimensions: 5.2 x 2.9 x 0.8cm
  • Weight: 25g
  • A full charge can give you 60 hours of using time

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