Item No.: 717
 Product Name: Solar Rechargeable Courtyard Light

  • Serves as gate light, car parking corner light, post light, backyard light, fence light, stair light, pathway light, etc.
  • Super Bright - modern design with reflection around in almost 360 degrees give full view super bright light
  • Super Power for yellow LED light: 6 hours of charge for upto 24 hours of use for non blinking light or upto 36 hours for blinking light
  • Super Power for white LED light: 6 hours of charge for upto 12 hours of use for non blinking light or upto 18 hours for blinking light
  • Long Life - use super bright yellow/white LED light with super long life
  • The light is designed with two switches for 6 functions lighting:
    • Switch one: ON/OFF and AUTO function
    • Switch two: SLOW SPEED BLINKING
  • Auto Function - turns on at night and turns off at day automatically
  • Multifunction lighting - non blinking, blinking, auto, on/off and adjustable blinking speed
  • Water- and weather-resistant
  • Use for home pathway, garden, backyard, front court, backdoor and frontdoor where there are stair steps, dark corner, gateway, fence, post columns or ditches, bedge.
  • Use this solar light for indication and remind where there is some obstacles and beware of falling down
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