Item No.: 828
 Product Name: Solar Educational Kit

  • Our Solar education kit contains:
  • A silicon solar cell encapsulated in a space-aged plastic housing with a gem-like lens pattern
  • It absorbs the energy of the sun and converts the heat and light into electrical energy
  • Specially designed solar driven motor
  • A set of wire with motor clips, nut, etc.
  • Fan-like spinner
  • 4 different sizes of plastic disc
  • 5 different types of colored paper models
  • 1 educational booklet explaining details of solar energy
  • With this kit of accessories, children can do a series of do-it-yourself experiments
  • This remarkable kit can self-explain and educate details of solar energy
  • It also can extend the concept of applying solar energy to the educational kit and toys for children
  • The application and experiments of solar energy is only limited by your imagination
  • Other solar-powered educational and learning games/aids available
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