Item No.: 628New
 Product Name: Solar Rechargeable 3 in one Car Light with blinking light and battery charger

  • Super value 3-in-1:
  • Light for searching purpose: Use as a searching light inside the car or for all other indoor and outdoor use
  • Blinking light for warning purpose: Use as an signal-blinking light or torch light for repairing your car, or other vehicles ... etc.
  • Battery charger for "AA" size rechargeable batteries: Use as a battery charger for charging AA rechargeable battery for toys or other items uses
  • This solar car emergency light is also ideal for outdoor activities, as an emergency light/blinker, or torch light when camping, barbecuing
  • With a rechargeable circuit which absorbs and stores energy from the sun in the reachargeable batteries
  • With a flexible lamp head and adjustable for different angles and various positions
  • Can function with two normal type AA batteries when sunlight is not available
  • New design with spare lamp compartment for storing extra two spare lamps
  • 2pcs spare lamp bulbs are included
  • Included at no extra cost with 2pcs AA size rechargeable batteries
  • New circuit for all weather
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