Item No.: 889
 Product Name: Solar Battery Charger with Light and Meter for charging AA, AAA & C size rechargeable battery

  • With unique design and can charge 3 different types cylinder rechargeable batteries like C, AA and AAA size batteries, charging time is fast
  • A breakthrough design with a meter lamp head, equipped with a meter together with a lamp (bulb)
  • The lamp is for the use as an extra light, for all indoor or outdoor activities
  • It can be used for total discharge of the rechargeable battery for a new fresh charging
  • This meter lamp head is with an adjustable angle within 270 degrees, with a good position for reading, and searching something lost at dark for repairing and emergency light use
  • With an adjustable angle meter for a good position to face you so that you can see the pop-up meter indoor while you place the battery charger on the window sill for illustrating the strength of the sunpower and the power current output for charging the batteries
  • A blocking diode is built into the circuit, thus preventing the reverse flow of electricity from the battery
  • The battery to the solar panel by solar power, free operating cost, with water resistant
  • Batteries are not included
  • 3 different unique features of the meter is illustrated as below:
    • The strength of the sunlight
    • The strength of the power output from the solar panel
    • How long does it take to fully charge the battery
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