Item No.: 214-130-9V
 Product Name: NEW Solar All Weather Modules 130mA 9V

  For charging 9V rechargeable battery and applications
Current: Isc:130mA Voltage: Voc 9V
Power: 1.17W
  • Built with all weather and durable special high quality fibre glass board
  • Made by USA most advanced and high technology equipment for perfect quality
  • Use best grade USA made high efficiency solar cells and components
  • New improvement coating material and adhesive material
  • UV protection, all weather protection, moisture protection and corrosive protection
  • A blocking diode is built in the circuit with the connecting cable wire to protect the battery against discharge at night time
  • All solar modules are provided with battery clips for immediate and easy use
  • Power (maximum): 1.17W
  • Current (maximum) Isc: 130mA
  • Voltage voc: 9V
  • size: 165 x 132 x 19 mm
  • Applications: Ideal for use in marine yacht, sailing boat, all indoor and outdoor activites, household use and personal electrical and electronics items.. etc.
  • Applications: Also good for radios,tent-fanx,recreational vehicles,portable televisions,warning lights,flash lights,garden lights, house lights, garage lights and ventilators,just use your imagination to match the applications.
  • For day time use or day time charge for night time use
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