Item No.: 767 RCF-SM1000-12V
 Product Name: Solar 18 Watt Portable Folding Panel

  • This new solar portable folding panel opens up to reveal two pcs 9 volt solar panels for two pieces 6 volt rechargeable battery system or for one piece 12volt rechargeable battery system
  • The plastic carrying handle, hinges, lockers stands and all components are detachable for handy fixing and mounting purpose, for single / separate use or for individual charging system use…etc
  • This solar folding panel is designed also for 6 volt and 12 volt rechargeable battery system. These two solar panels consists of 36 pieces crystal silicon cells in series, with two separated solar panels .Each solar panel consists of 18 pcs solar cells in series, that is for 6 volt rechargeable battery charging system. Or use for 12 volt charging system by connecting a terminal wire in between the two solar panels in series circuit (negative to positive.)
  • Each solar panel with its own sets of cable wire, clips and plugs. That means you can charge your rechargeable batteries, while using the other electrical appliances at the same time. This is a real time saver and allows you to store energy in the rechargeable battery for night time use
  • Built on durable and all weather fibre glass board and covered with USA made UV proof polycarbonate plastic
  • With best grade high efficiency USA made solar cells
  • With UV and all weather protection
  • - Corrosive resistant - Rust-proof - Weather-proof
  • A blocking diode is built-in the circuit to prevent reverse flow of electricity
  • With adjustable stand for adjusting the best angle to absorb maximum sunlight for faster charging
  • Can power electrical appliances while charging your rechargeable batteries (6V or 12V) at the same time
  • Easy to carry with a convenient carrying handle
  • Specification
  • Power (Max): 18W
  • Voltage Voc: 18V
  • Current (max.) Isc: 1000mA
  • Current (min.) Isc: 900mA
  • Voltage (Min): 16.8V
  • Cells in series: 36pcs
  • Panel outer size: 406 x 268 x 40mm
  • Built-in diode: √
  • Wire with clip: √
  • Weight: 2 KG

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